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Adam and Eve choosing to leave the Garden of Eden was the mandatory condition to Return.  You cannot return where you have never been.  They were given the Tree of Knowledge. an open, stable multi-dimensional organizing system



Adam and Eve with 2 Physical Trees

Two Organizing Systems: 

     The Tree of Knowledge of Good + Bad  

          with Everything in Between

       The Tree of Life

Two distinct calendars based on separate relationships of the Earth, the Sun and the moon.



God creates in pairs and organizes in sets. It is never about opposites, but rather positive connections designed to work together.  Different aspects of the whole. 

At the time of the Garden of Eden God created 2 trees, the metaphors for the 2 operating systems and the 2 calendars representing different aspects between the earth, the sun and our moon.

The Jewish system was dormant until the Covenant at Mount Sinai. 

The Tree of Knowledge ascends TO God from the individual awareness of #1 position.  The Tree of Life descends incorporating rules FROM God binding to Jews as a Nation in the #10 position.  They are anti-parallel and have related aspects.  Both are essential.




The aspects of the calendar given to Noah after the flood are the basics of a highly integrated system of time and meaning on our planet.  Most of the concepts were found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Definitions became very hierarchical as time progressed.  Everyone is born as a positive part of the whole of humanity.



This chart is clear and simple, yet could never have been created by a human being.  However, it  works!

Note June 29 Ace of lubs, June30   King of

Hearts. July 1 Ace of Spades. July 2 King of  DIamonds.   




Interesting fact:  only one day a year for

2 Hearts

Ace of Hearts


King of Spades

Queen of Spades

all in a row

The Card Layouts and comment on ego



September 22: 2 clubs day.  Logic and relatedness    I had  my first question so it is my first blog. What is wrong with ego and why is the Golden Rule good?
 The spheres on the Tree are attributes. Consider them your higher consciousness, your soul or your inner sense. The lower seven spheres are attributes of God that are cognizable and achievable by humans. They are grouped in the sets of seven. Eight, nine and ten are attributes that are comprehensible, but contain multiple qualities, so they are more difficult to attain.
 The qualifier is our ego. God, a verb, does not have an ego. Our egos are entirely within our selfhood. The objective is to have our egos in balance and harmony with our attributes and virtues, particularly in our relatedness.  Subservience is not humility. Egocentricism is most clearly separated from all our positive attributes. They are not paired with our virtues. Attitudes are not attributes.   An attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior.   An attribute is a quality or characteristic inherent in or ascribed to someone or something. In other words, ego, an attitude, is based on self-centeredness versus self-awareness and relating to others   



The first seven attributes correspond to the days of the week. Each represents one of our core traits.  The number eight combines the understanding of the basic seven.  Number nine reflects that God creates in pairs and understanding of core principles.  Ten wants unity and envisions the whole of all aspects of life. 




The face cards are all on the diagonals. Each suit has ten cards plus the three corresponding face cards.  Thus the four suits depict the four worlds of the Tree of Knowledge.

There is only one joker and it is placed in the calendar between the Ace of Hearts at he end of the 364 days and the King of Spades which starts the new year.   

About Patterns From the Age of Taurus



in 1982 I was introduced to SH whose lifework was based on the Tree of Life as an organizing principle. I instantly knew that Jews as a nation were in the downward tree of life, but I, as an individual, went up. This led to knowing the Tree of Knowledge as the Way of Return. The stories of the Garden of Eden and Noah predate everything I have found that is a viable continuum since then. Those 2 covenants were in the Age of Taurus. Everything that predated Noah and the Flood has ceased to have a cognizable impact.   

I will soon be posting a data set of Rockers - still going forth or of great good memory. The Beatles were Lennon and Harrison both King of Clubs, McCartney Queen of Clubs and Ringo an 8 of diamonds. It is just good fun to organize facts in a new paradigm that has meaning and relationship as a component.

This website is aimed at introducing this system. I have two page-a-day calendar that are ready to be published.  One contains a meme for each day of 2018 and one contains two columns of quotes by folks on each day 

I have a wall calendar with characteristics for each birthday and a photograph with quote and the card for each 

I have two decks of cards one with a meme for each card in black and white and one in color.    
We are all connected to time and our birthdays. 

We are conditioned to think in a linear order by numbers or alphabet. This paradigm is basic to thinking in sets and combinations and relationships rather than lists.   Time is an integral component. Once this is mastered, one naturally progresses to non-linear patterns and thinking.  


The Native American symbols in the image are for time - night and day.


What is the Name?

I spent decades devoted to a project that was 100% devoted to the Tree of Life.  Always I had to process myself using the Tree of Knowledge and the Double Helix and Way of Return  I learned far more about Jesus incidentally. 

The Card System continues today but passed through the later concepts of Astrology and the Hierarchy of the 1800s  in particular.  There were good cards and bad cards. The three cards on the crown line were pushed together and the joker was left to float.  Most of all there the understanding that this is a whole positive system was missing always. God does not make good birthdays and bad birthdays.  They are all wonderful 

My son suggested the name Patterns from the Age of Taurus.  This was chosen because no one will be searching for my concepts... at least for now.  

Other titles have been consiidered

Ancient Wisdom from the Age of Taurus

The Way of Return

Tree of Knowledge of Everything

Solar Prisms

Portals to your soul

The Theory of Everything in a Deck of Cards

Ancient Wisdom 

and more

We would welcome ideas


Basic Considerations

God clearly enacted the two covenants with Adam and Eve and later Noah. As people disbursed around our earth, these two iconic stories proliferated. If there were remaining peoples, they had no continuum and impact.  The dust or DNA that God uses is basic to us all.  Man and Woman are clearly identified as a pair. God did not define or create a divinity in the covenants. So people disbursed and established their own teachings and icons. Most clearly were the Eastern religions and the Native Americans. The Covenant with Abraham established the concept of a Single Deity to be accepted by Abraham's descendants  This meant Hagar, Sarah and Keturah. Somehow no one claims Esau. Thus the double helix was enacted when Jews as a Nation accepted the Covenant at Mount Sinai. The |Tree of Life and the Hebrew Calendar became the basis for a stable organizing system on our planet. Free-Will choice is the fundamental component - with Jews having free-will choice within their Covenant descending. 

Astronomy and Astrology began well into the Age of Aries   The concept of constellations was established without interest in Noah's Calendar, which preceded them by centuries. Both Christianity and Islam are distinctive Piscean and clearly unable to understand the mandatory component of Judaism in the planetary system we follow.  

A few quotes and the card


Desmond Tutu 2 diamonds

Diamonds represent the world of values

always rating and making comparisons

Twos are focused on relatedness and relationships and are positioned on the pillar of peace


John Keats Hearts 5

Hearts are the world of emotions and feelings

Fives are focused on harmony and equilibrium

The position is on the pillar of peace in the very center, the Hub, of the tree.


Alfred Noyes Clubs Eight

Clubs are the world of logic and reasoning

Eights are Authority and combine the first seven attributes as a set. 

They are on the pillar of Integrity

Club eights are one of the three cards that remain consistent lifetime after lifetime. 


So many of my insights come from visual perception.  more than -ologies and -isms my insights are sourced visually.,  In my cognizance this is the most frequent input. When you contemplate that truth, this is a timeline that is integral to this project.


 The extensive patterns in the site are based on patterns incorporated in Torah or Bereishit, primarily happening in the Age of Taurus.   These are derived from the stories of Adam and Eve as well as Noah. 



Nature by Numbers is a wonderful video 

and demonstrates patterns and numbers that have been available to us since ancient times. 

Quantum computing explained with a deck of cards

This video is by Dario Gil at IBM Research.   I had an extensive interaction with VP head of Research at IBM years ago.  They could not figure out the calendar.  Of course, they could not figure out playing cards.  Now 25 years later, they are using four cards. This still is interesting for the way binary language and minds operate.

Huffman Trees - binary coding

Do you think they will get to multifaceted trees?   Interestingly, the concept of making shifts by two is the key to the Jubilee Cslendar.  This led me  to the recognition of the importance of prime numbers.   

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